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Freeze (status condition)

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Generation II
===Generation II===
A frozen Pokémon has a 10% chance of being thawed out on each oftime it attempts itsto turnsmove. On the turn that a Pokémon defrosts, it cannot attack until the next turn, similar to {{status|sleep}} in Generation I.
In [[Generation II]] only, {{m|Tri Attack}} has a 1/3 chance of thawing a frozen target.
In addition, {{cat|Moves that thaw out the user|some moves}} can still be used by the frozen Pokémon while frozen (thawing it out in the process). Pokémon cannot be frozen in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}, but harsh sunlight does not affect when a Pokémon that isan already-frozen frozenPokémon thaws.
===Generation III===