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Dub edits: "Misty mentions that Ash is her burden"
* Lugia's speech about how only Ash can make a difference was originally him explaining that the Pokémon have their own versions of the world compared to humans, and that neither wants the world destroyed.
* The dub added in a comment about Lawrence's destiny when commenting that he was trying to capture Lugia for his collection.
* When she is about to save Ash, Misty mentions that sheAsh is Ash'sher burden in the Japanese version, while the dub makes it slightly more romantic by stating that Ash isn't alone because he's got her.
* Originally, after the song was sung, Lugia tells Ash and company to keep its existence a secret, as it's better off that way. The dub has it mentioning that the beast of the sea was tamed.
* Although Delia's speech was largely the same in the dub, it also added in a requirement that he try to keep it closer to home. It also mentioned that Ash's death means Ash and Delia's world would be destroyed originally, something that's implied but not directly mentioned in the dub.