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After purification
==After purification==
Once a Pokémon is purified, any [[Shadow move]]s are replaced with other [[move]]s. In {{Pokémon XD}}, besides moves learned through level up, [[TM]], or [[breeding]] a just-purified Pokémon will know at least one special move. It immediately gains any [[experience]] and [[friendship]] (no [[effort values]] are tracked from battles while it is a Shadow Pokémon) that it has earned in battles prior to the purification, meaning that it may gain one or more [[level]]s. The Pokémon receives a special [[Ribbon]] for "clearing all difficulties", and at this point the [[Pokémon Trainer]] may choose a [[nickname]] for it. The player is now able to trade the purified Pokémon with the GBA games {{game5|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald|FireRed|LeafGreen}} using a GameCube/GBA cable.
===Special moves===