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Character: I see.
[[File:Burgundy and Georgia.png|thumb|250px|Georgia and Burgundy]]
Like most [[rival]]s, Georgia has a lot of confidence in herself, but can also be immature. She acts like a poor loser, as all four times her Pokémon were defeated (which of which one was a tie), she blamed it on something else; the tie with Excadrill and loss against Emboar didn't count as they weren't Dragon-type Pokémon, Pawniard's loss against Snivy was because of the state of the terrain, and Beartic's loss against Dragonite was due to the latter's own power, and not Iris's, in her opinion. At times she has been shown to be quite rude, as when she ate the group's breakfast and told them to just make more.
Georgia tends to get in skirmishes with Iris, but will get frustrated if Iris begins to get the better of her. She hated it when Iris used [[Luke's Zorua]] to {{a|Illusion|transform}} into her in order to make fun of her during the [[Club Battle]] and lashed out at her each time. Despite this, she seems to have a somewhat forgiving attitude towards {{an|Bianca}} who constantly mistook her for Zorua. At the end of the Club Battle tournament, Georgia has gained some actual respect for Iris and encourages her to become a Dragon Master, showing that she expects her rivals to be strong. This is especially shown during the Clubsplosion arc where she often told Iris to do her best in multiple matches and even appeared sad when she lost to [[Montgomery]]. She also expresses disappointment whenever Iris fails to live up to the strength that she expects of her. Georgia appears to have an odd vitriolic friendship with [[Burgundy]], showcased particularly during the Junior Cup, as the two made snide comments at one another and got on each other's nerves frequently, and yet hung out together together the whole time all the same and occasionally got along.