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Moves not in the Pokémon games

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In Super Smash Bros.
* {{p|Incineroar}}
:Alolan Whip (Japanese: '''ロープスイング''' ''Rope Swing''): {{SSB|Incineroar}}'s side B speical move in the series. Incineroar dashes towards its opponent, grabs them and then throws them towards wrestling ring ropes. Upon being rebounded by ropes, Incineroar has to press the B button to preform ana move against the oncoming opponent. Pressing B too early will make Incineroar do a weak back-body drop. Pressing B too late will result in the move failing, dealing recoil to Incineroar. Pressing B at just the right time will make Incineroar do a strong lariat. This is the only special move in Smash Bros. with no basis from the Pokémon franchise.
:{{DL|Final Smash|Puff Up}} (Japanese: '''おおきくなる''' ''Grow''): {{SSB|Jigglypuff}}'s [[Final Smash]] in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]] and, [[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U]], and [[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]. Jigglypuff grows to an enormous size, taking up most of the stage. Jigglypuff then lets out a loud cry which blasts foes away. It may be {{m|Uproar}} or {{m|Hyper Voice}}. After it cries, it shrinks back down to normal size.
:{{DL|Final Smash|Aura Storm}} (Japanese: '''はどうのあらし''' ''Wave Storm''): {{SSB|Lucario}}'s [[Final Smash]] in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]] and [[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]. Lucario will rise to the top of the screen, then let out a powerful beam of aura that can be angled. This move lasts for a short period of time. Lucario will return to where he once was when the move is over. Like all of Lucario's moves, this attack becomes more powerful as Lucario's damage increases.