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Sootopolis City

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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Sootopolis City anime.png|thumb|left|220px|Sootopolis City in the anime]]
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, the volcano Sootopolis City is built upon opens up at one side, giving access to {{DL|Transportation in the Pokémon world|ships and boats}}. After leaving [[Izabe Island]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrived in Sootopolis City in ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]''. Ash was planning to challenge the local [[Gym Leader]] to a {{pkmn|battle}} in order to obtain his eighteighth [[Gym]] [[Badge]], which would qualify him to compete in the [[Hoenn League]] {{pkmn|League Conference|Championships}}.
Upon arriving, {{an|May}}, [[Max]], and {{an|Brock}} saw fireworks and realized an event was being held in the city, so they ran to join the attendees. It was soon revealed that the Mayor of Sootopolis City was inaugurating a water-themed theater and that [[Juan]], the Leader of the [[Sootopolis Gym]], would put on a show with his {{type|Water}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} as part of the festivities. May was amazed at how beautifully Juan's Pokémon took the stage and Brock commented on how they had been well-raised. Throughout Juan's presentation, May was even more impressed and said Juan could be a great [[Pokémon Coordinator]].