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On [[Mandarin Island South|Mandarin Island]], {{Ash}} finishes off a {{p|Butterfree}} with {{AP|Bulbasaur}}'s {{m|Razor Leaf}}. Later on, as Ash and {{an|Misty}} eat, {{Tracey}} tells them that [[Lorelei|Prima]] is going to give a lecture on the island. Misty is ecstatic, and tells Ash and Tracey that Prima is her hero. She hears a voice behind her, and turns to see Prima herself. Misty and Tracey introduce themselves while Ash chokes on his sandwich. She walks past them, however, and bends down to look at {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}.
Nearby, {{MTR}} watches from the bushes while [[Jessie]] and [[James]] eat. James sees Prima and recognizes her, but cannot ascertain her name. Prima then looks out at the ocean, and makes many philosophical comments about nature. Ash asks for a {{pkmn|battle}}, but Prima ignores him. Ash arrogantly interprets this as an admission that she is afraid to battle and goes off in search of someone else.
Ash eventually does find an opponent who accepts his challenge. As Prima watches, Ash offers to let the boy set up the rules and they agree on two {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} each. Ash sends out {{AP|Squirtle}}, and the boy releases a {{p|Persian}}. Squirtle uses {{m|Water Gun}}, but Persian dodges it. It uses {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but Squirtle uses {{m|Withdraw}}. It then pops out of its shell and {{m|Skull Bash}}es Persian, knocking it out. The boy then sends out a {{p|Tauros}}, who {{m|Tackle}}s Squirtle right away, knocking it out. Ash withdraws Squirtle and sends out {{AP|Charizard}}, but Ash still cannot control Charizard and it burns him.