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Outside the [[Pokémon School]], {{TRT}} areis busy selling their honey-glazed donuts when a play script flies into [[Jessie]]'s face. She reads the script and fantasizes about being an actress, while [[James]], {{MTR}} and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} look on in concern.
Inside the Pokémon School, {{Ash}} and {{ashcl}} are getting ready for their play. Ash is unable to find his script, so {{Rotom}} just gives him its own copy. {{an|Professor Kukui}} announces to his class that they will be putting on a play. Everyone begins to practice their lines in costume, but they soon become nervous after Rotom informs them that their families are waiting in the crowd. Ash and {{an|Mallow}} take a sneak look just as [[Delia Ketchum|Ash's mother]] and [[Mimey]] arrive. [[Samson Oak]] and his wacky Pokémon impersonations take center stage as he welcomes the student's families and close friends to the school. The curtains open and the spotlight shifts as the play begins.