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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 16

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Defeated, Juan awards you the {{badge|Rain}}, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon and enables the use of {{m|Waterfall}} in the field. He also gives you {{TM|03|Water Pulse}} as a prize, and registers himself in your PokéNav. With all eight Badges, your next destination is the {{ho|Pokémon League}} in [[Ever Grande City]] to the southeast. But first, consider exploring Hoenn's remaining areas, including the [[Abandoned Ship]], [[New Mauville]], and the remaining stretch of ocean west of {{rt|131|Hoenn}}.
==RouteAbandoned 108Ship==
[[File:Abandoned Ship exterior RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, exterior]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship 1F and rooms RSE.png|thumb|left|Abandoned Ship, 1F]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship UF RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, underwater hallway]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship HF and rooms RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, hidden floor]]
===Abandoned Ship===
Located on {{rt|108|Hoenn}}, the [[Abandoned Ship]] is all that remains from when the S.S. Cactus ran aground. The old vessel has many rusted holes, broken doors, and furniture scattered around. Navigating the structure requires the use of both {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Dive}}. Once slated for demolition, the half-sunken vessel now exists as a refuge for water-dwelling Pokémon.
When you return to {{ci|Mauville}}, you find [[Wattson]] standing near the Pokémon Center. He asks for a favor, and explains that the city has an underground sector known as [[New Mauville]]. There's a generator inside that hasn't been functioning properly, and he needs you to go and turn it off before the situation gets out of control. He gives you the [[Basement Key]] and directs you to the facility's entrance on {{rt|110|Hoenn}}. {{m|Surf}} eastward under the north end of [[Seaside Cycling Road]] to reach the facility.
==RouteNew 110Mauville==
[[File:New Mauville entrance E.png|thumb|left|New Mauville, Entrance]]
[[File:New Mauville RSE.png|thumb|New Mauville, B1F]]
===New Mauville===
[[New Mauville]] was intended to be an underground city extending dozens of floors below the surface. However, the project died in development when it was discovered to be a habitat for wild Pokémon.