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Revenge (move)

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series
==In other games==
===[[Pokémon {{g|Mystery Dungeon series]]}}===
SimilarIn to[[Pokémon {{mMystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team|Bide}}Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]], theand user[[Pokémon willMystery storeDungeon: energyExplorers forof aTime fewand turnsExplorers of Darkness|Explorers of Time, Darkness]] and then[[Pokémon releaseMystery theDungeon: energyExplorers toof inflictSky|Sky]], damage;the user gains the amountBide of[[Status damageconditions equalsin the amountMystery Dungeon series|status]] where the user receivedcannot move, attack, or use any items. The status lasts for 3-4 turns, and any damage dealt to the user during that time will be doubled to the "charging"enemy in front. The move will fail if the opposing Pokémon doesn't attack, if the user is under certain statuses like sleep or paralyzeparalysis, or if the user faints.
From {{g|Gates to Infinity}}, Bide lasts for 3 turns and any damage dealt to the user during that time will be returned to the enemy in front with an increase in damage by 50%.