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* The Japanese title's inclusion of "大量発生チュウ", which translates to "Infestation-chu" may be a reference to the title of the event in Japan where people in Pikachu costumes walked through the streets, "ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ", which translates to "Pikachu Infestation-chu".
* This is the first time {{m|Volt Tackle}} is seen in the main series since ''[[BW014|A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!]]'', 359 episodes ago.
* This is the first timemention being mentioned thatof a species-exclusive [[Z-Move]] needs to knowrequiring a specific move in order to be used. This is revealed in this episode when {{Rotom}} says that, in order to use {{m|Catastropika}}, Pikachu needs to know Volt Tackle, which [[Ash's Pikachu]] hasn't used since the {{series|Best Wishes}}.
* [[Faba]] narrates the preview for the [[SM092|next episode]].