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Mega Evolution: A new type of evolution. Some Pokémon are capable of Mega Evolution, but are there other Pokémon capable of it?
A [[trainer]] named [[Alain]] battles another trainer with his Pokémon, {{p|Charizard}}. His goal is to be the top trainer in battles involving [[Mega Evolution]]. Charizard battles against {{p|Absol}}, a Pokémon raised by [[Astrid]]. Both Pokémon Mega Evolve after Alain challenges Astrid to Mega Evolve her Absol. Charizard prevails over Absol by using {{m|Blast Burn}} to counter Absol's [[{{m|Dark Pulse]]}}. [[Mairin]], a spectator of the battle, wants to know what happened to Charizard and Absol when they Mega Evolved. But then she brings up gossip from [[Lumiose City]] that a rampaging {{p|Garchomp}} ran loose and that a trainer freed her from enemy control, and afterwards saves a Pokémon falling from [[Prism Tower]]. This causes Alain to have a flashback, when he was [[Professor Sycamore]]'s aide. Professor Sycamore was studying Mega Evolution and wants to know how it works and if it affects all Pokémon. Alain then wants to search for a Mega Stone to witness its power, which Professor Sycamore approves, and allows him to take a {{p|Charmander}} along. Suddenly, he receives a call where to go next, with Mairin tagging along, her curiosity piqued.
Mairin finds Alain in some old ruins. Inside, Alain finds a [[Mega Stone]], but is troubled to what Pokémon it corresponds to. As he walks out, a man named [[Remo]] challenges him to battle, claiming that he needs the Mega Stone to bring it to his boss. Alain accepts, and Remo introduces to Charizard a Garchomp, Mega Evolved. The two Pokémon have an air battle, both suffering serious wounds after a fall, with Charizard winning and Garchomp collapsing from his wounds. Mairin, with some advice from Alain, catches {{p|Flabebe}}, her first Pokémon with {{p|Chespin}}. They then to heal their Pokémon, Alain leaving to battle, leaving her alone.