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As the movie begins, {{an|Diancie}} is happily running from her [[Carbink servants]] in the [[Diamond Domain]], while one of them, Merrick, tells her that it is time and that he is not playing. However, he then trips on a pile of diamonds that fall on him and the other two servants, Bort and Allotrope. An elderly voice then calls for Diancie, revealing itself to be Dace, the elder Carbink. He tells Diancie that the Heart Diamond, which powers the Diamond Domain, will soon die, and the domain will falter as a result. However, Diancie accuses him of exaggerating and that worrying too much will cause him to lose his luster. Dace, however, tells her to take it seriously. After Diancie tries and fails to make a Heart Diamond in front of Dace and the Carbink servants, she begins to feel hopeless, but then Dace tells her to find Xerneas and its Fairy Aura. He reveals that when he was young, a catastrophe occurred in the [[Allearth Forest]], destroying the forest and killing him, but he was revived by Xerneas, which is why he is still alive. Meanwhile, in a battle arena, Diantha and Wikstrom are battling with Mega Gardevoir and Mega Scizor, respectively, as Diantha wins the match.
Later on, the scene changes to {{Ash}} and his friends, who are battling a {{p|Barbaracle}}. Later, in [[Avignon Town]] Ash battles an {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Trainer named Astrid. {{AP|Pikachu}} battles Astrid's Pyroar, and defeats it with Electro Ball. They then switch over to Froakie and Meowstic, respectively, who engage in a very close battle, but ultimately, Meowstic overpowers {{AP|Froakie}} and defeats it. Meanwhile, Diancie is on its way to the town, when she is attacked by a mysterious woman with a {{p|Delphox}} and a man with a {{p|Greninja}}, who give chase to it around the city. The scene then shifts over to Ash and Astrid once again, where Ash sends out his {{AP|Hawlucha}}, and Astrid sends out {{p|Absol}}, which she proceeds to Mega Evolve, much to the amazement of Ash and friends. Hawlucha battles well, but is defeated by Dark Pulse. Ash then comments on how powerful Mega Evolution is.
As Ash and his friends are walking around town, Pikachu hears something in the distance and goes to investigate, with Ash and co. following. They then see a Pokémon get attacked by a mysterious woman and man, [[Merilyn]] and [[Riot]] respectively, as the two begin to argue over possession of Diancie. Ash quickly steps in to help Diancie, and tells Marilyn and Riot to stop, also telling Diancie that this is her chance to escape, while {{an|Serena}}, {{an|Clemont}}, and {{an|Bonnie}} lead her to safety. Riot also calls Marilyn a blabbermouth for her talking. Ash has Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on Delphox and Greninja, which knocks them out and Ash then flees.