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Hypnosis (move)

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In other games
==In other games==
==={{g|Mystery Dungeon series}}===
Hypnosis puts the target to sleep.
In {{g|Super Mystery Dungeon}}, if the enemy is already sleeping, Hypnosis will cause the enemy to become [[Status ailments in Mystery Dungeon|terrified]]. A terrified Pokémon will run away, and cannot use moves or items. If the enemy uses Hypnosis on one of the player's sleeping Pokémon, the Pokémon will become its puppet. While in the puppet status, the Pokémon will randomly attack its allies or use items. The player cannot switch to the Pokémon affected with this status. If the leader has puppet status, the player won't be able to do anything until it wears off. The puppet status will last until the sleep status wears off.
===[[Pokémon Conquest]]===