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<i>Oh,Another yeah!exciting The MaskedBattle Royal andis hisunder partner Incineroar are known forway! layingIt’s the smackdownMasked onRoyal all challengers atversus the Battle Royal DomeRevengers, buta thebattle popularteam athletesknown may have metfor their matchblatant in the notorious team known as the Revengersrule-breaking. ThingsWhen lookthey’re badabout whento theunleash Revengers break the rules toa gangsneak upattack on Incineroar—but a quick intervention fromIncineroar, Ash’s Torracat putscharges into the cheatersring onwith thea defensive.sneak Toattack meetof theits Revengers’own—and challenge,“Ash AshRoyal” joins forces with the Masked Royal for a tag-team battlematch against the heelsRevengers’ Electivire and Magmortar!</i>
The Revengers’ boss is Viren, the ruthless developer who once threatened Kiawe’s family farm—which means the Battle Royal Dome itself is on the line! But Torracat and Incineroar prove to be a great team, and despite their opponents’ unsavory tactics, the Double Royals win the day!</i>