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Miltank (Pokémon)

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Multiple Miltank appeared in ''[[EP159|A Dairy Tale Ending]]'', under the ownership of Whitney's uncle [[Milton]]. They live at his farm, where he milks them and uses their milk to make his own dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt.
A Miltank appeared in ''[[EP207|Got Miltank?]]'', whereas shean wasinhabitant guardingof a Pokémon-exclusive areaoasis. She served as a head of security of sorts for the oasis.
A {{pkmn2|wild}} Miltank appeared in ''[[AG171|Pokémon Ranger: Deoxys Crisis (Part 1)]]'', where [[Solana]] used her [[Capture Styler]] to receive her assistance in putting a {{p|Deoxys}} in Normal Forme.