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* This episode's dub title is a reference to the famous advertising slogan, "{{wp|Got Milk?}}"
* When battling Team Rocket{{TRT}}, [[Ash's Cyndaquil]] hits the ground hard and ends up with a big red bump on its nose and Meowth{{MTR}} teases it by saying, "Look, it's Cyndaquil the red-nosed Pokémon!" [[Jessie]] is then shown with a red nose over her actual nose, making a reference to the classic Christmas movieTV "special ''{{wp|Rudolph the Red-nosedNosed Reindeer" (TV special)|Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer}}''.
* Although ''the [[Who's That Pokémon]]'' usedsegment uses random Pokémon for the English dub at this point, {{Ash}}'s {{p|Cyndaquil}} playedplays a significantly major role in this episode.
* The scenes where {{MTR}}Meowth acknowledges that he did hurt his nose, is a direct contradiction to ''[[EP026|Pokémon Scent-sation!]]'', where he points out, while [[breaking the fourth wall]], that he never had a nose. This will also occur again [[DP032|later]].
* When {{TP|James|Victreebel}} comes out of its [[Poké Ball]], its "lips" are colored brown instead of red.
* In one scene, the black outlines around the red/-and-yellow "eyes" in {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}'s hood pattern are missing.
* When [[Jessie]] steals {{AP|Pikachu}} in the opening scene and jump into their balloon, the net they used to capture Pikachu is behind the pole, but when the scene changes, it appears in front of them.
===Dub edits===
* There are about 45 seconds of this episode whichthat were removed from the English dub. The scene where {{MTR}}Meowth talks to {{p|Miltank}} about how Pokémon come to the oasis for healing was heavily cut. In the original Japanese version, Meowth speaks to Miltank about the aforementioned details. Then, Meowth and Ash's Cyndaquil start to suck on Miltank’sMiltank's udder for nourishment. All references and shots of Meowth and Cyndaquil sucking on Miltank's udder were cut from the English dub, although when Ash enters the cave, Brock refers to the use of {{m|Milk Drink}}, and a teat can be seen in Cyndaquil's mouth for about a second.