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Hoppip (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
Three Hoppip appeared in ''[[EP178|The Grass Route]]''. Two of them belonged to [[Ephraim's parents]] and the third belonged to a competitor in the [[Grass Tournament]].
Nine Hoppip competed alongside their Trainer in the [[Pokémon Balloon Race]]appeared in ''[[EP202|The Big Balloon Blow-Up]]'', all under the ownership of a {{pkmn|Trainer}}. They were among the Pokémon competing in the [[Pokémon Balloon Race]].
A Hoppip appeared in ''[[EP233|A Tyrogue Full of Trouble]]'', where it received an apple from a {{p|Tyrogue}}.
A Coordinator's Hoppip appeared in ''[[AG143|The Saffron Con]]'' as one of the Pokémon that were taken by {{TRT}}.
A {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s Hoppip appeared in ''[[AG159|Off the Unbeaten Path]]'', where it was seen participating in the [[Pokémon Orienteering]] competition.
A Coordinator's Hoppip appeared in ''[[AG167|What I Did for Love!]]''.