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Personality and characteristics
Nagisa was shown to be playful towards new Pokémon, but also rather inconsiderate of their true feelings. In {{DL|Eevee, Where Are You Going?|Episode 4|the fourth episode}} of the segment, it chased after a {{p|Wimpod}} despite it actually being scared. In {{DL|Eevee, Where Are You Going?|Episode 5|the fifth episode}} of the segment, Nagisa cuddled a {{p|Pyukumuku}}, inadvertently angering it into attacking.
Nagisa and Popplio quickly became best friends after meeting each other. It even became friends with the Pokémon owned by its Trainer's friends. Nagisa quickly became loyal to Lana and bonded with her right away, after she help protect it from being teased by Team Skull.
==Moves used==