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Undeterred, the Litleo runs back towards the Pyroar, falling flat on its face. Pyroar is stern, causing Litleo to throw a tantrum again. Serena and Bonnie wonder why Litleo won't leave. After Litleo's latest tantrum, Pyroar breathes fire to throw Litleo into the air! The group of humans are shocked again, especially Bonnie. As Litleo opens one eye timidly, Pyroar seems ready to attack again. Ash is compelled to do something and runs down the hill to intercede, leaving Serena worried. Ash and Pyroar face off.
Ash tells Pyroar he is being too rough and should let Litleo stay a little longer. Pyroar appears to disagree. Meanwhile Serena and Clemont try to get Ash to stand down, but Ash can't just allow Litleo to get hurt. The next time Pyroar breathes fire, Ash asks {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The lightning and fire type attacks collide with each other, cancelling each other out. Litleo, who had braced for impact, is now wondering what happened. Litleo looks up sadly at Pyroar, who turns and walks away.
As the smoke from the explosion clears, Ash and Pikachu are shocked to see that all the Pokémon have gone, except Litleo. The duo run to check whether Litleo is okay. While Ash has his arms around the Pokémon, the weak and disheartened Litleo suddenly springs to life, becoming quite excited and squirming around. Clemont reassures Litleo that the group are friends to the Pokémon. Just then, Bonnie and Serena notice that Litleo is hurt on its paw. Bonnie asks Clemont for help, who asks Litleo to allow him to treat the wound, and to calm down. But Litleo bites Clemont's arm, leaving Bonnie shocked and Serena almost unable to look. Clemont remains composed, telling Litleo it will be fine now. Litleo seems to calm down and be sorry, as Bonnie and Clemont observe.