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{{Ash}} and {{Ashfrashfr}}'s journey to the [[Snowbelle Gym|Snowbelle City Gym]] takes them through an immense grassland. After walking for a long time, {{an|Clemont}} is totally exhausted. Ash encourages his friend, mentioning that they might come across some cool Pokémon. {{an|Serena}} observes that {{an|Bonnie}} and Ash seem to have lots of energy. Bonnie wants Clemont to keep up, or he will get left behind! Ash's laughter is suddenly interrupted by a loud roar which startles everyone!
Serena asks if anyone knows what the sound was, and looks scared. After hearing it again, Bonnie observes that it was a Pokémon, and Ash runs to have a look, calling the rest of the group to join him. They have reached the top of a hill, and down below a group of 4 {{p|Pyroar}} (3 female and 1 male) and 4 {{p|Litleo}} can be seen. Clemont uses the technical term "a [[wp:List of English terms of venery, by animal#L|pride]] of Pyroar" while Bonnie gives her view that they are so cute. Suddenly, the male Pyroar looks angry and a Litleo cowers in fear. The female Pyroar and other 3 Litleo walk off, leaving only these two.