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{{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}}'s journey to the [[Snowbelle Gym|Snowbelle City Gym]] takes them through an immense grassland. After walking for a long time, {{an|Clemont}} is totally exhausted. Ash encourages his friend, mentioning that they might come across some cool Pokémon. {{an|Serena}} observes that {{an|Bonnie}} and Ash seem to have lots of energy. Bonnie wants Clemont to keep up, or he will get left behind! Ash's laughter is suddenly interrupted by a loud roar which startles everyone!
Litleo climbs a large rock. Exhausted, it is suddenly energized again by the appearance of berries. Clemont explains that Litleo is being independent and hence has been looking for food on its own. Ash realises that this is why Litleo didn't eat Serena's snack. Litleo had been trying to get to this point all along, to regain its strength, as Clemont observes. At the top of the rock, Litleo notices Pyroar behind a nearby rock. The two Pokémon look at each other with mutual understanding. Pyroar appears to be emotionally moved when Litleo takes a bite of a berry on its own. The group discuss this, with Clemont thinking that Litleo knew Pyroar was keeping an eye on it (in response to a question from Ash), Serena deducing that Litleo was trying so hard this whole time in order to re-assure Pyroar of the former's independence, and Bonnie being amazed by Litleo. Pyroar jumps down from the cliff as Litleo savours its food.
Just then, Team Rocket turn up again in one of their [[Team Rocket's mechas|mechas]], the "Vavoominite Mark 4". They say that they were defeated before because they were caught with their guard down, but they won't be again. Meowth uses the mecha (which resembles a {{p|DragoniteCharizard}}) to start a gust of wind with its mouth, sucking the Pyroar inside. Ash is not sure what will happen next, and Litleo is indignant. Team Rocket insists that Pyroar comes inside the mecha, and turns up the power. Pyroar is pulled inside, leaving Litleo screaming in distress. The gang (including Litleo) run forward to see what has happened, and see that Pyroar has been pulled into a transparent chamber in the mecha's tail. Ash urges them to stop and asks them to let Pyroar go. Jessie is not sure if Ash is serious. Team Rocket then recite their motto, which focusses on how powerful they will be with Pyroar in their team.
Ash is exasperated at yet another appearance from Team Rocket. Jessie orders Pikachu to also be captured. Meowth drives the mecha forwards, skidding to the right to knock Pikachu away from the rest of the group. Litleo is still looking indignant, as Pyroar tries to escape, and calls down to Litleo, who becomes even more angry. Meowth turns on the air sucking control again, which causes Pikachu to be sucked closer and closer to the mecha's mouth, as Ash encourages Pikachu to hang on. Pikachu is doing a good job at resisting, so Jessie asks Meowth to turn up the power, which he duly does. Pikachu is struggling more to resist. Suddenly, a fire blast comes seemingly from nowhere to hit the mecha, shocking everyone, and Team Rocket wonder where it came from. Litleo is shown to be growling nearby, and Ash deduces that it was Litleo who caused the blast. Pyroar calls down again. However, a rather annoyed James steers the mecha's tail to hit Litleo hard, and knocking it hard into the air. Pyroar is shocked and upset. Ash and the group check if Litleo is okay.