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The '''phony Pokémon interpreters''' are four [[Character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in ''[[EP195|The Poké Spokesman]]''. They served as the main antagonists of the episode.
They first appeared while in hiding,. whenThey theysoon fired missiles at [[Simon]], {{Ash}}, and {{ashfr}} to blind them with a smokescreen., Thisgiving gave the phony Pokémon interpretersthem a chance to nab Simon. They dragged him away and wanted him to join their group, as he had the ability to talk to Pokémon. Simon refused since he felt that their actions were wrong, and then escaped. After Simon checked up on [[Ash's Pikachu]] to see if he was okay, the fake Pokémon interpreters showed up again, now at a [[Pokémon Center]] with their {{p|Magnemite}} and {{p|Magneton}}. The leader of the con men ordered their Pokémon to suck away the electricity of the Pokémon Center.
The [[Nurse Joy]] of the Pokémon Center demanded them to stop because the Pokémon inside needed the electricity. The leader of the gang didn't care about it and Ash was about to attack them. However, Simon stopped him and spoke to the gang's Magnet Pokémon, telling them that they shouldn't suck away the electricity because the Pokémon inside were hurt and wouldn't get the proper treatment without it. Simon successfully got the Magnemite and Magneton to stop, which made them fall slowly to the ground. The leader of the phony Pokémon interpreters was angry about their laziness and decided to kick Magnemite in order to teach it a lesson. However, Pikachu shocked the Magnemite and Magneton in time, which made them float in the air again and they turned on their own owners. The phony Pokémon interpreters got shocked by them and were then arrested by [[Officer Jenny]].