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Pidgey (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
A flock of Pidgey appeared in ''[[EP179|The Apple Corp!]]'', where they were shocked by a gang of {{p|Pichu}} after trying to steal apples from {{OBP|Charmaine|EP179}}'s orchard.
InA ''[[EP195{{pkmn|Thetalking}} PokéPidgey Spokesman]]'',appeared in [[Simon]]'s claimedpurported toflashback havein met a Pidgey, an {{p''[[EP195|Oddish}},The andPoké a {{p|Rattata}}, which could talk, as seen in a flashbackSpokesman]]''.
Multiple Pidgey made brief cameo appearances in ''[[M04|Celebi: The Voice of the Forest]]''.