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Oreburgh Mine

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In the manga
==In the manga==
[[File:Oreburgh Mine Adventures.png|thumb|200px|The Oreburgh Mine in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
InThe Oreburgh Mine first appeared in ''[[PS341|Putting a Crimp in Kricketot]]'', where {{adv|Platinum}} wanderswandered into Oreburgh Minethere by herself after being attracted to a song being played from inside. However, shewhich isturned thenout attackedto be caused by a swarmgroup of wild {{p|Kricketot}} and {{p|Kricketune}},. thoughAlthough her[[Platinum's {{p|Piplup}}]] keepsmanaged to defeat many of them, allshe atwas bayeventually atovercome Thetheir sheer numbers, and a local {{tc|Worker}} suggested that the main trio met earlier thus recommends Platinum toshould challenge [[Roark]], the city'slocal [[Gym Leader]], [[Roark]]in order to help restore Piplup's confidence.