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{{search|class of item|the held item that heals 10 HP in Generation II|Berry (item)}}
{{samename|[[character of the day]] in [[XY063|A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!]] with the Japanese name Berry|Beatrice}}
[[File:Berry Basket.png|thumb|200px250px|A basket filled with Berries; {{b|Tamato}}, {{b|Cheri}}, {{b|Nanab}}, {{b|Bluk}}, {{b|Razz}}, {{b|Aspear}}, {{b|Sitrus}}, and {{b|Oran}} are seen]]
'''Berries''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|きのみ|Kinomi}}''' ''Tree Fruit'') are small, juicy, fleshy fruit. As in the real world, a large variety exists in the [[Pokémon world]], with a large range of [[flavor]]s, names, and effects. First found in the [[Generation II]] games, many Berries have since become critical [[held item]]s in battle, where their various effects include HP and [[status condition]] restoration, [[stat]] enhancement, and even [[damage]] negation.
==List of Berries==