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Marron Trail

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'''Marron Trail''' (Japanese: '''ブルーノトレイル''' ''Bruno Trail'') is the 23rd area in [[Pokémon Shuffle]], consisting of fifty stages. It follows [[Zaffiro Coast]] and is the final area available. Marron Trail first became playable on December 11, 2017, with stages through 670 ([[Xerneas_(Pokémon)|Shiny Xerneas]]). The final thirty stages became available on February 13, 2018, with stages through 700 ({{p|Kyogre|Primal Kyogre}}).
| Marron Trail
| From ''marron'', French for brown
<!--|- style="background: #FFF"
| French
| Chemin Brunus
| -->From ''brunus'' (Latin for brown) and ''chemin'' (trail)
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| German
| Bronzepfad
| From ''Bronze'' and ''Pfad'' (path)
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| Italian
| Sentiero bruno
| From ''bruno'' (Italian for dark brown) and ''sentiero'' (Italian for trail)
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<!--| Korean