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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Todd Snap.png‎|thumb|220px|[[Todd Snap]] and his camera in the anime]]
The concept of photography is also present in the [[Pokémon anime]], first appearing in ''[[EP040|The Battling Eevee Brothers]]'', where {{an|[[Misty}}'s {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}}]] took a picture of {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. [[Todd Snap]] debuted in ''[[EP055|Pokémon Paparazzi]]'', which later inspired the release of Pokémon Snap. In the episode, {{TRT}} hired photographer Todd Snap to "capture" {{AP|Pikachu}}, not realizing that Todd meant to capture Pikachu ''on film''. Todd appears in a number of subsequent episodes, in which he tries to photograph other Pokémon, including the {{pkmn2|Legendary}} {{p|Articuno}}.
In ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', a {{p|Fearow}} soared overhead with a camera attached to its neck. This camera was used by {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}} in search of worthy {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to summon to the [[New Island]]. Photography also appeared in ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]'', where a [[Block Bot]] took pictures of Ash and his friends for passport IDs that give them access to facilities in [[LaRousse City]].
[[File:SM035 photo.png|thumb|250px|A photo taken by {{Rotom}}]]
In ''[[BW134|The Journalist from Another Region!]]'' Ash met a reporter named [[Alexa]] who makes articles about Pokémon living in the wild, and even about famous legends, and landmarks. Alexa joined Ash on his adventures until ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]''. In ''[[XY005|A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!]]'' Ash met Alexa's little sister [[Viola]] who is also the Santalune Gym Leader, and a fantastic Photographer. Viola is mostly known for her talent of taking photos of Bug Type Pokémon.
In ''[[XY031|The Cave of Trials!]]'', Ash, his friends, and [[Korrina]], who was traveling with them at the time, had a photo of themselves together taken by a photographer named [[McGinty]] in [[Geosenge Town]].