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Some lines may sound different in various episodes (especially the Meowth's line), commonly it wasn't properly rhymed.
====Second version====
This version was translated by Jetix and only appeared in ''[[EP092DP092|A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!]]''.
You better surrender, either you're done
And we'll turn you into cutlet
===[[Advanced Generation series]]===
====Current version====
This version was translated by SDI Media, debuted in ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]'' and was used 'till the end of the [[series]].
! Russian
! Transcription
! English
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Готовьтесь к беде, мы спустились с небес
Прямо со звезд и у нас переезд
Наше дело старо, как мир
Страх и трепет - наш кумир
И Мяут - наш ориентир
Несем мы зло, но искренне, с любовью
Мы скрепили наш союз навеки кровью
И Джеймс
И Мяут - лучшие умы, ха
Если во вселенной царит успокоение
Команда Р
Это недоразумение
Gotov'tyes' k byedye, mi spoostilis' s nyebyes
Pryamo so zvyezd i oo nas pyeryeyezd
Nashye dyelo staro, kak mir
Strah i tryepyet - nash koomir
I Myaoot - nash oriyentir
Nyesyem mi zlo, no iskryennye, s lyoobov'yoo
Mi skryepili nash soyooz navyeki krov'yoo
I Jyeyms
I Myaoot - loochshiye oomi, ha
Yesli vo vsyelyennoy tsarit oospokoyeniye
Komanda R
Eto nyedorazoomyeniye
Prepare for trouble, we came down from heavens
Right from the stars and we have a move
Our business is as old as the world
Fear and trembling are our idols
And Meowth is our landmark
Carrying we evil, but sincerely, with love
We've fastened our union forever with blood
And James
And Meowth - the best minds, ha
If the peace reigns in the universe
Team R
Gonna correct
This mistake