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Together With the Wind

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'''Together With the Wind''', or '''Kaze to Issho Ni''' as it is more widely known, is the ending theme for the Japanese version of the first movie, [[Mewtwo Strikes Back]]. The song, which has been variously translated as Walk with the Wind, In the Company of the WInd, and simply With the Wind, is sung by Sachiko Kobayashi, a Japanese [[wp:enka|enka]] singer and voice actress, who happens to play the voice of [[Miranda (Mewtwo Strikes Back)|Voyager]] in the movie.
In addition to it's Karaoke version, it was coupled with ''[[Suteki na Collection]]'' in it's Single version. It appears in the Double CD Set ''Sound Picture Box Mewtwo - Birth of Mewtwo'', on the second CD, Mewtwo Strikes Back Score, as track 25.