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The NPC next to the PC at [[Petalburg City]]{{sup/3|RSE}} or [[Pewter City]]{{sup/3|FRLG}} [[Pokémon Centers]] allows the player to customize their profile, which consists of four phrases from the easy chat system. The player's profile can be seen on their [[Trainer Card (game)|Trainer Card]] by others who approach the player during link activity ([[battling]], [[trading]] or [[record mixing]]{{sup/3|RSE}}).
In English versions of {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, if the player changes their profile to <sc>Mystery GiftEvent Is Exciting</sc> after receiving the {{Badge|Balance}}, Mystery Events will be activated. In {{game|Emerald}} as well as {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, Mystery Events are replaced by {{DL|Mystery Gift|Generation III|Mystery Gift}}, which is unlocked in a different way: after the [[Pokédex]] is obtained, players may activate Mystery Gift at any [[Poké Mart]] by inputting a certain four-word phrase in the questionnaire (in English games, this phrase is <sc>Link Together With All</sc>).
In {{DL|Dewford Town|Dewford Hall}}, various NPCs will be discussing whatever is "[[trend]]y" around Hoenn. By telling them about a new two-word phrase, they might start discussing that new trend instead. This phrase determines the six tiles of the river on {{rt|119|Hoenn}} in which {{p|Feebas}} can be found. Additionally, when players mix records, one player's trend can catch on in the other player's game, allowing players to synchronize their efforts to find Feebas.