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In Generation III
==In Generation III==
{{spading|Easy chat system|comment=For the customizable six-phrase sentence that the player can enter in the Battle Tower, where can this sentence be seen (if possible)? <br/> Also, can players of FRLG input this phrase anywhere?}}
The easy chat system was introduced to international games in this generation. It allowed the game to process inputs that were more personal than the typical yes/no choices of Generations I and II.
InThe {{game|RubyNPC andnext Sapphire|s}},to afterthe receivingPC theat [[Petalburg City]]{{Badgesup/3|BalanceRSE}}, players may visit the Pokémon Center inor [[PetalburgPewter City]] to unlock {{DLsup/3|Mystery Gift|Mystery EventsFRLG}}. Then,[[Pokémon byCenters]] talking toallows the NPCplayer nearto thecustomize PCtheir andprofile, inputtingwhich aconsists certainof four-word phrase,phrases Mysteryfrom Eventthe willeasy bechat activatedsystem. InThe English games, thisplayer's phraseprofile willcan be: "Mysteryseen Eventon Istheir Exciting".[[Trainer InCard {{(game)|Emerald}}Trainer asCard]] wellby asothers {{game|FireRedwho andapproach LeafGreen|s}},the playersplayer mayduring activatelink {{DL|Mystery Gift|Generation III|Mystery Gift}} at anyactivity ([[Poké Martbattling]] by inputting a certain four-word phrase in the questionnaire (in English games, this[[trading]] phraseor is:[[record "Link Together With All"mixing]]{{sup/3|RSE}}).
In English versions of {{DLgame|DewfordRuby Town|Dewfordand HallSapphire|s}}, variousif NPCsthe willplayer bechanges discussingtheir whateverprofile isto "[[trend]]y"<sc>Mystery aroundGift Hoenn.Is ByExciting</sc> tellingafter themreceiving aboutthe a new two-word phrase{{Badge|Balance}}, theyMystery mightEvents startwill discussingbe thatactivated. newIn trend{{game|Emerald}} Thiswell phraseas determines{{game|FireRed theand sixLeafGreen|s}}, tilesMystery ofEvents theare riverreplaced onby {{rtDL|119Mystery Gift|HoennGeneration III|Mystery Gift}}, which is unlocked in whicha {{p|Feebas}}different canway: beafter found.the Additionally,[[Pokédex]] whenis obtained, players may activate Mystery Gift at any [[Record mixing|mixPoké recordsMart]], oneby player'sinputting trenda cancertain catchfour-word onphrase in the otherquestionnaire player's(in gameEnglish games, allowingthis playersphrase tois synchronize<sc>Link their efforts toTogether findWith FeebasAll</sc>).
In {{DL|Dewford Town|Dewford Hall}}, various NPCs will be discussing whatever is "[[trend]]y" around Hoenn. By telling them about a new two-word phrase, they might start discussing that new trend instead. This phrase determines the six tiles of the river on {{rt|119|Hoenn}} in which {{p|Feebas}} can be found. Additionally, when players mix records, one player's trend can catch on in the other player's game, allowing players to synchronize their efforts to find Feebas.
The {{DL|Berry Master|Berry Master's wife}} will give out a Berry daily if given any two-word phrase. If she is told (for the first time only) one of the five certain phrases, she will give out the corresponding Berry. Repeating a special phrase will not result in another special Berry, and neither will stating any other phrase. Instead, she will hand out a random Berry from numbers 1 to 10 ([[Cheri Berry]] to [[Sitrus Berry]]).
Throughout Hoenn, the player can encounter andinterviewers battlewho {{tc|Interviewers}} [[Gabby and Ty]] in various locations. Following a battle, Gabby and Ty will engageask the player into aninput interview, askingat forleast one word toor sumphrase upfrom the experienceeasy chat system. ThisThe battle andplayer's interview willcan then be broadcast[[TV and discussedMauville|seen on [[televisionTV]]s throughout the region. By [[Record mixing|mixing records]] with other players, players' interviews can be seen on the others' games.
OnIn the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|III}}, on the right side of the room, there is an interviewerNPC that asks for the player's feelings before beginning a {{Gdis|Battle Tower|III}} match, after a victory, or after a loss. The player's response must consist of six words. There is a default message for each topic, all of which include at least one "word" consisting purely punctuation marks. In [[Pokémon Emerald]], the NPC allows the player to additionally input phrases for after a battle is won or lost. All [[Trainer]]s in the Battle Tower{{sup/3|RSE}}, [[Trainer Tower]]{{sup/3|FRLG}} or [[Trainer Hill]]{{sup/3|E}}, in any [[Battle Tent]]{{sup/3|E}} or in any [[Battle Frontier]] facility except [[Frontier Brains]] or [[apprentice]]s, greet the player using this six-word format, and speak similarly after victory or defeat.
In the Generation III games, [[mail]] messages are composed using the easy chat system, rather than by inputting text manually as was done in the Generation II games. The player can compose a message using up to nine words or phrases.