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Stage 1 Pokémon (TCG)

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A '''Stage 1 Pokémon''' is a type of [[evolution card]] in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. Stage 1 Pokémon evolve from {{DL|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Basic Pokémon}}.
A Stage 1 Pokémon can be placed on top of any related Basic Pokémon in play (including [[Fossil#In the TCG|Fossils]] or Pokémon that have [[Evolution (TCG)|evolved]] from {{DL|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Baby Pokémon}}) at any time before the player's attack. Stage 1 Pokémon cannot evolve on the turn the [[Basic Pokémon (TCG)|Basic Pokémon]] was played, or on the player's first turn. When placed onto the Basic Pokémon card, all [[Energy card (TCG)|Energy Cards]], [[Appendix:Glossary (TCG)#Damage|damage counters]] and other attached catdscards remain, but any {{DL|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Special Conditions}} or effects on the Pokémon are removed. Stage 1 Pokémon may only use their Stage 1 attacks, unless their card specifically states otherwise. Stage 1 Pokémon normally have a picture of the Basic Pokémon from which they evolve in the upper left hand corner of the card, along with the text 'Evolves from <Basic Pokémon>'. Stage 1 Pokémon can be removed from the Basic Pokémon by use of [[Devolution|Devolution]].
Pokémon such as {{TCG|Ivysaur}}, {{TCG|Raichu}}, and {{TCG|Cloyster}} are Stage 1 Pokémon. They evolve from {{DL|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Basic Pokémon}} such as {{TCG|Bulbasaur}}, {{TCG|Pikachu}}, and {{TCG|Shellder}}.