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Best Wishes series

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* This is the only series in which:
** [[Jessie's Wobbuffet]] is not part of the regular cast. His only appearance in this series was in ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''.
** ThereEvery aremain nocharacter [[bosshas fantasy|bossat fantasiesleast one [[rival]].
** Every main character had at least one [[rival]].
** None of Ash's Gym battles are interrupted by Team Rocket.
** No Pokémon are {{pkmn2|released}} by a main character (excluding Cilan's temporary Basculin).
** After the Pokémon League ended, Ash and his friends still journeyed in the respective region for a while.
** Team Rocket changes their outfit during the series, but changes back to the white uniforms they've worn from previous series.
* This is the only completed series in which there are no [[boss fantasy|boss fantasies]].
* This is the series in which Ash has the fewest Gym battle rematches, having only one, at the [[Nacrene Gym]].