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Gardevoir (Pokémon)

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In the anime
A Gardevoir debutedappeared in ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]''. It was the parent of the sick {{p|Ralts}} that [[Max]] and {{Ash}}'s {{AP|Snorunt|Glalie}} were taking to the [[Pokémon Center]].
A Gardevoir appeared in ''[[DP020|Mutiny in the Bounty]]'', under the ownership of [[Melodi]]. It was stolen by {{pkmn|poacher|Pokémon Hunter}} [[J]]. It proved to have a deep {{t|psychic}} connection with its {{pkmn|Trainer}} and was able to hear her through thought.
===Minor appearances===
A Gardevoir debuted in a cameo appearance in the opening sequence of ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]''.
A Gardevoir appearedmade its main series debut in ''[[AG090|Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry]]''.
A {{pkmn|Coordinator}}'s Gardevoir appeared briefly in ''[[AG162|Spontaneous Combusken]]'', where it was seen competing in the {{isl|Chrysanthemum}} {{pkmn|Contest}}.