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Pokémon in Serbia

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Pokémon movies
===Pokémon movies===
The only movies that were dubbed in Serbian are movies 2 through 5 and 7. [[M05]] is still dubbed by Loudworks, but [[M04]] and [[M07]] were dubbed by studio Prizor. [[M07]] was released under the title {{tt|Sudbina Deoksis|Deoxys Destiny}}. All of them except [[M05]] were released on DVD. [[M02]] was released under the title {{tt|Pokémon 2000}}; [[M03]] was released under the title {{tt|Pokemon 3 - Cini nepoznatih|Pokémon 3 - Making Unknown}}. It is unknown which studio dubbed [[M02]] and/or [[M03]]. The opening theme and ending themes were not dubbed.
===Cast and crew===