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In the games
==In the games==
AnIn unnamed[[Pokémon maleLet's {{tc|Executive|TeamGo RocketPikachu Admin}}and that may beEevee]], Archer appearedappears inas {{game|FireRedan andadmin LeafGreen|s}}under in the [[Rocket Warehouse]] on [[Five Island]]Giovanni. He is thefirst leaderseen ofin the [[Sevii Islands]] branch of Team RocketHideout, andshowing accusesGiovanni the playerSilph of spreading rumors that Team Rocket has disbanded, something he does not believeScope. WhenGiovanni the player defeatsallows him, he recognizes the {{badge|Earth}} and accepts that Giovanni has been defeated, finally disbanding [[Team Rocket]], but he [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|vows to findtake himSilph and resurrect Team Rocket someday]]Co. TheArcher computerbattles he was working on mentions [[Red Gyarados|the effect of radio waves on Pokémon evolution]], foreshadowing Team Rocket's later actionsplayer.
He appears again at Silph co. He and a grunt battle the player and Trace. He appears again, but Trace battles him.
After the Elite Four, Archer appears at the Hideout blaming the player for causing Team Rocket to disband. He battles and reads a note to the player, and leaves to revive Team Rocket.
[[Generation II|Three years later]], Archer is the interim head of Team Rocket during the absence of [[Giovanni]]. He leads the team in its takeover of the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]], aiming to locate his missing leader and bring him back to the team.
An unnaamed Admin in [[Generation III]] is speculated to be he.