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* {{ga|Red}} and {{ga|Green|Leaf}}, in their Generation III designs, wear them on their [[bag]] straps.
** In [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]], {{SSB|Pokémon Trainer}} has a Vs. Seeker, as his design is based on Red.
** Red's Vs. Seeker still appears on his Generation IV and [[Generation V]] sprite.
** In [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]] and [[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]], the {{SSB|Pokémon Trainer}}s also retain their Vs. Seekers, as their designs are based on Red and Leaf.
** In the official artwork, as well as their in-game sprites and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate models, Red's Vs. Seeker is blue and Leaf's is pink. However, standalone artwork depicts it as blue by default, and the in-game bag sprite is blue even when playing as Leaf.
* The [[PokéNav]] and the Vs. Seeker resemble each other somewhat in appearance, and both serve the purpose of allowing players to rechallenge Trainers they previously battled.
* Using the Vs. Seeker does not temporarily lower the volume of any current background music, such as [[Cynthia]]'s theme, when playing the [[Piano]] in the [[Villa]] of {{game|Platinum}}.