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[[Legendary Pokémon]] are more likely to appear the farther the player gets in Ultra Warp Ride and through either a Rarity 3/4 warp holes. The Legendary Pokémon whichthat appears is distinguished by its cry and its silhouette before battling it. Legendary Pokémon have the chance of being Shiny Pokémon through soft reset.
Pokémon encountered through the [[Ultra Warp Ride]] (excluding [[Legendary Pokémon]] and [[Ultra Beast]]s) have a chance to be forced to be Shiny. The Shininess of these Pokémon is determined when the player arrives at the [[Ultra Space Wilds]]. The probability that a Pokémon encountered this way will be Shiny depends on the rarity of the wormhole and the distance traveled.<ref>[ 卡璞波波 on Twitter]</ref>