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Mina is known amongst her friends and family for her eccentric attitude that has been likened by her father as that of a fey vagabond — examining the painting in the [[Konikoni City]] restaurant will have the player remark about its odd, esoteric visuals, and Mina's father tells the player of her habit of leaving home for long periods of time to draw and paint, only sporadically returning to shovel as much food as she can into herself before absconding.
In Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, she can be seen in Vermillion City's port. She was caught up on drawing the oceans view and missed her ship. After talking to her again she can be challenged to a battle.
In {{g|Sun and Moon}}, the {{player}} first meets Mina while navigating the [[Vast Poni Canyon]]. Mina is seen surveying the landscape when she notices the player and introduces herself as a [[Trial Captain]]. However, because she spends so much time dedicated to her art, she doesn't have an actual trial prepared for the player. Instead, she gives the player a [[Fairium Z]]. She muses on what she could make her trial about before bidding the player farewell.
Talking to Mina's parents after the completion of her trial reveals that Mina's original trial simply had trial-goers draw sketches of Ribombee, and that her current one may have been influenced by when Snubbull brought her a flower that she had pressed and still keeps with her in the present day.
In [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], Mina can be found at {{ci|Vermilion}} Port after the [[S.S. Anne]] departs. She mentions how she had gotten so caught up looking at the sea that she had completely missed the ship, which she had intended to ride back to Alola. She will stay waiting for the next ship at the port, where the player can then challenge her to a battle. After the player has become the {{pkmn|Champion}}, her team will grow stronger.
=====Vermillion City battle=====
=====Vermillion City battle rematch=====