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Prof. Fennel then talks about how she came to Striaton City when Munna detected Musharna's presence. As they drive further down to the outskirts of the city, they soon notice a strong pink light emitting from behind the trees in front of them.
The Team Rocket trio is extremely pleased with the amount of data they are receiving. While they delight in the success of their mission, a police car suddenly draws to a stop behind them, and the group emerges. Immediately, Prof. Fennel realizes what is going on: the machine Team Rocket is using is causing residual energy to react strongly. As Officer Jenny questions who the three of them are, the trio breakbreaks into their {{DL|Team Rocket Motto|Unova|motto}}, and revealreveals their identities.
As the Team Rocket trio announces that they are using the residual energy at the Dreamyard to fuel {{TRT}}'s ambition of taking over [[Unova]], Professor Fennel becomes disappointed at the thought of being involved in such a research project. Cilan then reminds her of the reason she came to the Dreamyard-- the connection between Munna and Musharna, and Munna agrees. Seemingly in response to their answer, the ground trembles, and lightning bolts rise to the sky to form a pink veil; Musharna calls out in response.