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* The dub title is based on the {{wp|Billy Joel}} song "{{wp|It's Still Rock and Roll to Me}}".
* This is one of several episodes where Japanese text isn't painted away in the dub.
* Because outer space is a vacuum, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} and {{TP|James|Chimecho}} are silent in the end of [[Team Rocket{{TRT}}'s {{motto]]}}, despite not being actually in space.
* This is the fourth episode in which {{AP|Pikachu}} imitates other characters in the anime.
** The characters it imitates are {{AP|Corphish}}, {{AP|Grovyle}}, and {{AP|Torkoal}}.
** The other episodes prior to this are ''[[EP051|Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden]]'', ''[[EP132|For Crying Out Loud]]'', and ''[[EP203|The Screen Actor's Guilt]]''.
* This is the first time Pikachu uses {{m|Iron Tail}} to blast off {{TRT}}Team Rocket.
* [[Max]] mentioning the weather satellite ''{{p|Sunflora}}'' may be a reference to the Japanese ''{{wp|Himawari (satellite)|Himawari}}'' weather satellites. Likewise, ''{{p|Ho-Oh}} III'' may be a reference to the {{wp|AS-202}}, also known as Apollo III.
* This episode is featured on the ''Volume 10: Rock'' copy of [[Pokémon Elements]].