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List of Tamil Pokémon themes

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{{incomplete|2=Tamil lyrics of the XY theme song needed and English translation of Disney dub lyrics of the song Unbeatable needed}}
This is a '''list of themes''' and other songs that have been played with the [[Pokémon anime]] when aired in the [[Pokémon in South Asia|Tamil dub]].
===Pokémon Theme===
[[File:OPE01.png|250px|thumb|Indigo League]]
The '''[[Pokémon Theme]]''' is the opening theme for the first season of the anime, [[S01|Pokémon: Indigo League]].
A shorter version using the same corresponding lyrics aired with ''[[EP059|Volcanic Panic]]'' and ''[[EP060|Beach Blank-Out Blastoise]]'' during the reruns on Disney XD. The ending version of this was only aired during rerun airings on Hungama TV. The extended version of this song was played in ''[[EP080|Friends to the End]]''. Instead of new lyrics, the original English version lyrics were used in the second phase.
[[File:OPE01.png|250px|thumb|right|Indigo League]]
Avane nanum hero!
| <ab>Left from palletPallet town I came to a new world
Whatever comes I'll not lose
This big study is to win battles
I will become Hero! (Hero!)
Pokémon: Advanced!
(I'm on my way!)
I will become Hero! (Hero!)
ஆவேனே நானும் ஹீரோ! (ஹீரோ!)
போகிமொன்: அட்வான்ஸ்ட்!
(வந்தேன் நானே!)
ஆவேனே நானும் ஹீரோ! (ஹீரோ!)
====Indha Kanavu (Hungama dub)====
'''Indha Kanavu''' (Tamil: '''இந்த கனவு''' ''This Dream'') is the Hungama dub version of This Dream. It was initially aired on Hungama TV for ''[[AG081|Take This House and Shuppet]]'', while it was aired from ''[[AG041|What You Seed is What You Get]]'' till ''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]'' during reruns on Disney XD. Before the opening theme version of this song debuted, the shortened ending theme version debuted on Hungama TV and it aired for almost all the episodes of seasonAdvanced 7Challenge.
====Tholviyattravan (Disney dub)====
'''Tholviyattravan''' (Tamil: '''தோல்வியற்றவன்''' ''Unbeatable'') is the Disney XD dub version of [[Unbeatable]]. It was aired from ''[[AG093|Clamperl of Wisdom]]'' till ''[[AG145|Pasta La Vista!]]''.
Indha {{p|Groudon|boomik}} kanavu
Kai maaradhey, Unai thaangumey
I'm unbeatable
Walking down thisThis endless highwaybedding
With nothinga butfriend myand friendsa friend beside me
We'll neverwill givealways in,be we'll never restaround
Advanced Battle is theof ultimateour testchoice
FromDream thefor this earth, the land
TheThis seais andthe sky
TheyThe canhands neverare winchanging, but theyyou surecan canbear trythem
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatablecannot be defeated
FromBeyond the starsconstellations andof the ancient past
TheyAnd comeI towill play,strike butthe they'lldefeat neverof lastthe game
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatablecannot be defeated
Oh oh oh
====Battle Frontier (Disney dub)====
In the Disney XD dub of Pokémon: Battle Frontier, an instrumental version of Battle Frontier was used as the opening theme in the episodes from ''[[AG146|Fear Factor Phony]]''<!-- till ''[[AG192|Home is Where the Start Is!]]''-->.
===Diamond and Pearl===
====Kavalaividu (Disney dub)====
'''Kavalaividu''' (Tamil: '''கவலைவீடு''' ''Leave the concern'') is the Disney XD dub version of Diamond and Pearl. It was aired from ''[[DP001|Following A Maiden's Voyage!]]''<!-- till ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]''-->.
நாங்கள் இருக்கையிலேயே
===We Will Be Heroes===
[[File:OPE11.png|250px|thumb|Battle Dimension]]
'''[[We Will Be Heroes]]''' is the opening theme for the eleventh season of the anime, [[S11|Pokémon DP: Battle Dimemsion]].
====Heroes Ingu Naamey (Disney dub)====
'''Heroes Ingu Naamey''' (Tamil: '''ஹீரோஸ் இங்கு நாமே''' ''Here, We Are Heroes'') is the Disney XD/Marvel HQ dub version of We Will Be Heroes. It was aired from ''[[DP053|Tears For Fears!]]'' till ''[[DP085|Fighting Fear with Fear]]''. This is the first Tamil dubbed theme to use an original instrumental music also used by Hindi and Telugu versions of this song, rather than dubbing over the instrumental used in the English version.
! {{tt|Tamil|Transliteration}}
! {{tt|English|Translation}}
! தமிழ்
|<ab>Vazhviley, ennaalummey
Achcham kolla vendammey
Valimaiyaai, ondraga servommey
Vaanam thoduvommey
Heroes ingu naamey,
Indha ulagai maatruvommey
Padhaai ondru dhaane,
Sagasammey nam seivommey
Heroes ingu naamey!
[[S11|Battle Dimension]],
|<ab>Every day, in our life
Do not be afraid
With the strength, combined together
Touch the sky
Here, we are heroes,
We will change this world
The path is just one,
The adventure, we will do it
Here, we are heroes!
Battle Dimension,
|<ab>வாழ்விலே எந்நாளுக்குமே
அச்சம் கொள்ள வேண்டாம்மே
வலிமையை ஒன்றாக சேர்வோம்மே
வானம் தொடுவோம்மே
ஹீரோஸ் இங்கு நாமே,
இந்த உலகை மாற்றுவோம்மே
பாதை ஒன்று தானே,
சாகசம்மேய நாம் செய்வோமமே
ஹீரோஸ் இங்கு நாமே!
பாட்டிலே டைமென்ஷன்,
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