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'''Elaine''' (Japanese: '''アユミ''' ''Ayumi'') is the female [[player character]] in [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]]. Her male counterpart is {{red link|Chase (game)|Chase}}, and is analogous to {{ga|Red}} as he appears in [[Generation I]] and their [[remake]]s, {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, along with {{ga|GreenLeaf}} as she appears in the latter two games.
==In the games==
Elaine is a young girl from [[Pallet Town]]. Her adventure begins one day when [[Professor Oak]] calls her and her friend, {{red link|Trace (game)|Trace}} to his lab for a [[starter Pokémon]]. Elaine picks a {{p|Pikachu}}{{sup/7|P}} or {{p|Eevee}}{{sup/7|E}}<!--, while Trace picks the opposite Pokémon-->.<!-- Oak also gives them each a [[Pokédex]] with which to record data on all known Pokémon in the Kanto region to fulfill Oak's dream of creating a full guide on all Pokémon in Kanto.
From here, Elaine and Trace journey across Kanto, collecting Pokémon to build up their teams, and defeating each of the [[Gym Leader]]s in turn.
Elaine also comes across a gang of Pokémon thieves, [[Team Rocket]], several times through her journey. She first encounters them trying to steal fossils within Mount Moon. Then she encounters a member who is running the [[Nugget Bridge]] challenge to recruit for the organization on {{rt|24|Kanto}}; and another lone member who has stolen a [[TM]] from a family in [[Cerulean City]]. Eventually, she uncovers a plot by Team Rocket, infiltrating their [[Rocket Hideout|hideout]] beneath the [[Celadon Game Corner]] and encountering their boss, [[Giovanni]]. Defeating him and ousting Team Rocket from {{ci|Celadon}}, Elaine uses the [[Silph Scope]] that Giovanni leaves behind to battle {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon and save [[Mr. Fuji]] in the [[Pokémon Tower]] in [[Lavender Town]], who is being held hostage by [[Jessie]] and [[James]], two agents of Team Rocket. She soon journeys into [[Saffron City]] in the heart of Kanto to find it overrun by Team Rocket, who is attempting to take the recently invented [[Master Ball]] from the [[Silph Co.]] President, and defeats Giovanni again, ending the group's plots for the time being.
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