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In Generation II: There's a bit of switching between in-universe and out-of-universe here that's making this confusing | Mentioning Gen II's Berry trees
==List of Berries==
===In Generation II===
Berries were introduced in [[Generation II]] to take advantage of the then-newnewly introduced [[held item]]s feature,. whichPokémon allowsdo anot Pokémonknow how to holduse andheld useartificial specifichealing items, in battle. The standard [[Generation I]] items—suchsuch as [[Potion]]s and [[Full Heal]]s—are artificials, sobut Pokémonthey do not know how tocan use themheld if they hold these itemsBerries. Instead, ten differentMany Berries werein createdGeneration thatII Pokémon could use automatically during battle, with effects analogouscorrespond to thean artificial healing itemsitem.
TheseIn Berries have not appeared in media released after Generation II{{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}, havingthere beenare replaceda bynumber aof newBerry settrees ofacross Berries inthe [[Generation IIIKanto]]. However,and their[[Johto]] basic effects are inherited by the first ten Berries introduced in Generation IIIregions. InThe {{game|HeartGoldplayer andcan SoulSilver|s}},harvest theone treesBerry thatfrom held these Berries are replaced by [[Apricorn]] trees,each whichtree functioneach similarlyday.
These Berries have only appeared in Generation II media, with a different set of Berries introduced in [[Generation III]] that are used in all subsequent media. However, the effects of the first ten Berries introduced in Generation III correspond to the effects of the Generation II Berries.
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