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Johto Safari Zone

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Many Pokémon are found in the safari zone with no additional input needed by the player. Other Pokémon will only appear if certain block objects are placed within each area. For example, Fearow will not appear in the Peak area unless there are five Forest objects placed in the Peak area. Some Pokémon need two types of block objects in order to appear. For example, Vigoroth requires both Plains and Forest objects.
The area upgrade mechanic within the safari zone is key to being able to encounter the more rare Pokémon types. For example, to encounter a Bagon within the Swamp area, the player must have unlocked the block capability and received enough notifications from Baoba that both Peakpeak and Forestforest block items are available for placement. The Swamp area must then be made an active area within the safari zone for 110120 days. This quadruples the block score for each forest and plainspeak block placed within it. The player can then place 14 Peakpeak blocks (14*4=56) and 9 Forestforest blocks (9*4=36), which achieves the required scores of 56 and 35 respectively to enable Bagon.
In all zonesareas, there are 10 encounter slots which give to the Pokémon present a 10% chance to appear. All the Pokémon that appear due to blocks have a 10% chance to appear; however, some Pokémon can be in two slots, which gives them a 20% chance to appear.