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In a massive stadium, two creatures known as {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} are having a {{pkmn|battle}}, directed by their {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to give it their all. One of the Pokémon, a {{p|Gengar}}, uses its {{m|Hypnosis}} attack on its opponent, a {{p|Nidorino}}, causing it to fall asleep. Nidorino's Trainer recalls it and sends out another Pokémon known as {{p|Onix}} to battle. The massive Rock Snake Pokémon emerges from its Poké Ball and prepares to take on Gengar, at which point it is revealed that the battle is being displayed on [[television]]. Its viewer is a boy named [[Ash Ketchum]] who lives in a small settlement called [[Pallet Town]] and is ten years old, which allows him to pick a [[starter Pokémon]] and become a [[Pokémon Trainer]]. Ash declares to himself and the Pokémon of the world that he will become a [[Pokémon Master]]. His speech, however, is interrupted by [[Delia Ketchum|his mom]] who tells him to get to bed as he has a big day tomorrow. Ash protests that he's too excited to sleep, so his mom tells him that if he won't sleep then to at least get ready for the next day as she switches on a program hosted by the town's Pokémon expert, {{an|Professor Oak}}. Ash watches as Oak explains that new Trainers get to pick one of three Pokémon to start their journey; the {{type|Grass}} {{p|Bulbasaur}}, the {{type|Fire}} {{p|Charmander}} or the {{type|Water}} {{p|Squirtle}}.
As Ash sleeps, he goes over the choices in his head reasoning that any of the three available Pokémon are good for starting Trainers. However his {{p|Voltorb}} alarm clock rolls into his hand as he sleeps and, dreaming that he's throwing a Poké Ball, he chucks it at the wall, smashing it. When Ash finally wakes up, he sees the sun high in the sky and realizes that he overslept. Ash runs to the lab in such a hurry that he doesn't change out of his pajamas, and at this point doesn't care which starter he gets as long as he gets any. He arrives at the lab just in time to see one of his new fellow Trainers (and Professor Oak's grandson), [[Gary Oak|Gary]], leaving. Unfortunately for Ash, Gary is very overconfident and brags that he was on time and already has his first Pokémon, although he refuses to reveal which one he received. Gary's large crowd (which includes a group of cheerleaders) cheers for him, and Gary promises that he'll become a Pokémon Master and put Pallet Town on the map before leaving. As the crowd follows, Ash is left by himself, but not for long as Professor Oak approaches. Ash apologizes for being late (and hardly being dressed for the occasion) but tells Professor Oak that he's ready to pick his first Pokémon.