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Just because the link exists, doesn't mean you have to link it every time the word appears.
(Just because the link exists, doesn't mean you have to link it every time the word appears.)
The '''Pokémon League Admissions Exam''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンけんていしけん''' ''Pokémon Certification Test'') is an exam given by the Pokémon League Admissions Center in the [[Kanto]] [[region]]. It provides [[Pokémon Trainer]]s with an alternative way to enter the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]], one that does not require going on a {{pkmn|journey}} to collect [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s. It was featured in ''[[EP056|The Ultimate Test]]''.
Applicants are evaluated based on a combined theoretical and practical skills exam. According to [[Nurse Joy]], the exam allows [[Human|people]] whose age or health keeps them from traveling to be admitted to the Pokémon League. It is also taken by people who are unable to travel due to work.
The first test measures a Trainer's overall knowledge of {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} and consists of true-or-false questions that applicants must answer on a [[PC|computer]]. The second test measures a Trainer's ability to recognize Pokémon by asking applicants to identify a given species based on the Pokémon's silhouette or part of its body displayed on a screen.
During the third and final test, applicants are asked to select a belt with three [[Poké Ball]]s attached to it before facing one of the instructors in three consecutive {{pkmn|battle}}s. Trainers are not permitted to use the Pokémon in their [[party]] and instead have to use [[rental Pokémon]]. The reason behind this is to determine whether a Trainer can adapt regardless of the Pokémon he or she is using. All the rental Pokémon are raised to [[Obedience|obey]] an applicant's commands.