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Xurkitree (Pokémon)

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Xurkitree is a very tall Pokémon that resembles a vaguely humanoid mass of electrical wiring. Its head is a white, brightly glowing "star" with numerous points and no visible face. Below its head is a mass of black cables that separates into five limbs, each one a bundle of cables bound together by three white leaves that resemble zip-ties or Christmas lights. Its two arms each have three cables, one of them separated between the two outermost ties, and end in copper structures that resemble hands, each with six flat "fingers". Its two legs each have four cables fused together for thwthe whole length, and end in feet with four toes possessing "claws" of exposed copper; each foot has two fused toes pointing forward and two separate toes pointing backward. Finally, its tail has four cables, one of them loose in two sections, and ends in what resembles a three-pronged plug; with this, it "plugs" its tail into the ground when it uses electric attacks. The cables that make up its body have been noted as being made of the same material as electrical wiring, and as such are highly efficient conductors of electricity. Its body contains an organ that produces energy, and it can discharge up to 1,000,000 volts at once.
Because this Ultra Beast reportedly raided a power plant, it is speculated to sustain itself with electricity. This is supported by observations that it will "plug" its limbs and tail into the ground when it is low on energy, entering a tree-like state to absorb electricity from the earth. Witnesses claim that its entire body crackles with astonishing electrical power. Xurkitree originates from the [[Ultra Plant]] dimension in [[Ultra Space]].