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title_ja_trans=Alola's Young Fire! Royal Satoshi's Birth!! |
broadcast_jp=July 5, 2018 |
broadcast_us=<!--DoDecember not1, assume an air date. If you have an air date you should also provide a title and a source.-->2018 |
en_op=[[Under The Alolan Moon]] |
ja_op=[[Future Connection|未来コネクション]] |
* {{BMGf|265189|Dub review thread on BMGf}}
'''A Young Royal Flame Ignites!''' (Japanese: '''アローラの若き炎!ロイヤルサトシ誕生!!''' ''Alola's Young Fire! Royal {{tt|Satoshi|Ash}}'s Birth!!'') is the 81st episode of the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, and the 1,020th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on July 5, 2018, in New Zealand on October 26, 2018, and is scheduled to air in Canada on November 17, 2018<!--, and in the United States on *day*-->December 1, 2018.